How Do You Know When Your Drinking Habits Warrant Attending An Addiction Recovery Program?

If you've found yourself drinking alcohol more and more frequently, you may be wondering if you're developing a drinking problem. It can be difficult for a person to judge when they're addicted to alcohol on their own, especially when they're surrounded by other heavy drinkers — in this situation, problem drinking behavior can be seen as normal. There are a few signs that you can use in order to help tell if your drinking is starting to develop into a full-blown addiction. If you're wondering if your drinking is becoming a problem and you may need to attend an addiction recovery program to help you stop drinking, read on.

You Feel the Need to Drink in Order to Relieve Stress

One of the biggest signs that you may need to join an addiction recovery program to help control your drinking is feeling the need to drink alcohol in order to manage your emotions. For example, you may have the compulsion to drink if you have a bad day at work or are going through relationship stress with your spouse or family.

Using alcohol to control the way you feel is a very poor strategy long-term — all of your problems will still be there once you sober up. Habitually relying on it to alleviate stress typically ends up causing greater problems in the future, since stress is a normal part of life. Attending an addiction recovery program helps you learn other coping methods that allow you to manage your emotions without resorting to alcohol, which helps you control your compulsion to drink when you're going through a stressful time in your life.

You Experience Guilt About Your Drinking Habits or Hide Your Drinking 

If you feel guilty when you're drinking or if you're hiding the amount that you regularly drink from friends and family, then you may need to attend an addiction recovery program. When you're hiding your drinking or feeling guilty about it, it can be a sign that you've had a self-realization that you're drinking much more than a normal drinker.

Drinking large amounts of alcohol increases the risk that you'll develop alcohol-related health problems, and it can also make you physically dependent on alcohol. Physical dependence leads to withdrawals when you stop drinking, and severe alcohol withdrawals can be fatal. An addiction recovery program can help you stop drinking before you're in the danger zone of severe withdrawals.

You Can't Easily Control the Amount You Drink

One of the hallmarks of addiction is that it's very difficult to stop using your drug of choice once you've started. If you're concerned about the amount you drink, you may have tried to put a limit on your drinking, whether you're alone or out with friends. When you find that you can't easily stick to your limit, then you may need to attend an addiction recovery program — an inability to control your usage can be a sign that you're forming a physical addiction to alcohol, which needs to be addressed immediately.

If you feel that your drinking is starting to spiral out of control and become a problem, sign up with an addiction recovery program and seek help. Early intervention will help you limit the health problems that can be caused by alcohol, and it can also prevent your drinking from leading to problems with your friends and family. Stopping drinking on your own can be difficult, even if you're not yet a heavy drinker. An addiction recovery program can give you the support you need in order to quit successfully.